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In previous years, members have played a vital role in NMLW by sharing the awareness messaging. This year, you will actually create the message. How? Simply take part in weekly online activities on this page. Your participation will determine the content for OurFocusIsYou.ca, our public awareness website. You will directly influence the information we share with the public. Then simply share the website with your friends, family and colleagues. Keep sharing as the website will continue to evolve as the campaign goes on.

Step 1: Create the message

Participate in fun activities which will decide the messaging of OurFocusIsYou.ca. The site will launch on March 7th and will continue to evolve as you contribute. Get started below.

Step 2: Share the website

Now that you have created the message, it's time to get it out there! OurFocusIsYou.ca will launch on March 7th. Click on the icons below to share the website with your friends, family and colleagues.

Step 3: Order Materials

Order official NMLW display items to create displays that raise awareness and drive traffic to the site.

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This is your time. Take action and share your message.